Orders placed with YOULAP are binding and are subject to acceptance of the general terms and conditions

Cancellation and return

EWithdrawal from the contract or cancellation of the order is only possible in exceptional cases with adequate justification and written consent from customer service. If your order has been successfully cancelled, you will receive written confirmation by email.

The following amounts are due for payment at the time of cancellation

  • Up to 90 days before the delivery date 10%
  • up to 60 days before delivery date 20%
  • up to 30 days before delivery date 30%
  • 0 to 29 days before delivery date 40%

Changes to the order

Our ordering system is largely automated, so no changes to your order can be accepted in the shop system. After a written request to customer service, subsequent changes to the order (e.g. change of products or delivery address) can be checked or cancelled for a new order.


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